We have been building boats since 1985 and in the current organizational form since 1991. Our boat building shop was completed by the end of the following year. Since then we worked ourselves into the forefront of the recreational boat building industry in Hungary. In 1995 we bought the Dolphin 26 sailboat plans and building rights from Van de Stadt designers office and optimized them for Lake Balaton. More than 60 units have been sold during the years since then and model became one of the most popular cruiser boats in Hungary.

In a new larger laminating hall a new production run has been started in 1997 – The Vita 30, also from Van de Stadt. Our third model is the Dolphin 28. Designed by Győző Simongáti the modern 28 footer become a true competitor among common european designs.

In search of a market niche we have introduced a revolutionary new powerboat for Lake Balaton with electric propulsion in cooperation with Zoltán Csőregh. This is the Velence 25-26, a classic beauty with modern technology. This project later led to a spectacular market boom in the field of electric powerboats.

Shoreside servives are a crucial part of our job. Our boats are delivered to the water with all the necessary equipment and documentation ready to sail away.

In 2004 a new shop was built as a greenfield investment. We used our twelve year experience to outfit and equip the new building hall that corresponds to EU regulations too. In the meantime the portfolio somewhat has changed. The introduction of Dolphin 28 caused an in house competiton wich rendered the Vita 30 less market relevant. The Dolphin 28 is still in great demand and there is a steady level of interest in the smaller Dolphine 26 that proves its positive virtues.

The two models compete in the same class from 2008.

In the field of power boats fundamental changes came with the establishment of long term partnership with the french company Sillinger. We produce GRP hulls for their different RIB models. Besides recreational boats they build boats for the military where quality requiremets are very high. Fulfiling these requirements and the steady flow of export mean new opportunities for us.

In spite of all the above our core business is sailboat construction, servicing and restoration. We continue to be dealers of Yanmar marine engines. In 2010 we started the development of a new 38 feet innovative sailer again with the cooperation of Győző Simongáti as designer. Its building phases can be followed on the website. The new boat is a leap forward in size but its ditinctive design, its quality and customizeability are most important.

Our continuous development, investments and our support for the Dolphin class through increasing number of customers can guarantee our good position among hungarian boatbuilders.

Elemér Schäfer


Our Boats

---------------sillinger (partly-manufactured-by-us)

Besides sailers and electric powerboats Schafer Yacht Ltd. builds RIBs for the world reputed company Sillinger. Two most important models are the 650 and 580 RIB UM boats. Since the french company’s high quality requirements are met productuion of other models have been moved to our company. Today we build six types from 330 to 1200. Using feedback from the production improvement is continuous and there is a rapid increase in the worldwide RIB market. Sillinger mainly focuses on military contracts but its share in the recreational market is increasing. Export in this this ever increasing segment of our production provides us a presence on foreign markets.
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--------------- Dolphin 28
The boat was designed with especially the local market needs in mind, it can also be sailed offshore with the necessary extra equipment. Teamed up with designer Győző Simongáti we succeed in designing a true lake boat for Balaton in terms of comfort, performance and equipment outfit.

Compared to other modern designs it has similar accomodations layout, hull and deck design. The ability of customization is an added bonus of the design. Handling and performance caracterized by stability and safety.

The boat won the Yardstick II. class in 2003. Improvement is continuous according to experience gained in races. This model has been matured into a 40 boat productio run.

Stepping into the spacious cockpit one can find a well laid out area. Sitting is comfortable not only on the beches but also on the rail. Fockroller and lazyjack makes reefing effortless. The boat is easily manoeuvreable and keeps its course well and its speed when tacking.

Standing headroom is more than 190cm in the salon and 180cm in the fore cabin. The lenght of the triangular bunk in the focsle is 210cm that yields confortable sleeping. The seats in the salon can be converted into a 195cm long berth for two. There is a two burner stove, a sink with presurized water and a huge fridge.

Space in the after cabin is also above average with a 220cm long berth.

The Dolphin 28 is a cruiser that is well designed, well built and the workmanship is exceptional.

Technical Data
Full length: 8,75 m
Waterline length: 7,75 m
Beam: 2,95 m
Dive: 1,25 m / 1,50 m
Net weight: 2,9 t
Ballast: 1,05 t
Mainsail: 22,50 m2
Foresail: 14,00 m2
Genoa: 20,50 m2
Spinnaker: 58,00 m2
Saloon height: 1,90 m
Front cabin height: 1,75 m
Achter cabin height: 1,83 m

--------------- Dolphin 28 SC

The introduction of the sport cruising version of the Dolphin 28 was inspired by racing return customers because reserve performance potential in the original design became obvious. Hence the desire for higher performance can be fulfilled and we can build a better performer boat especially in light wind conditions. This can be achieved with the same hull and a redesigned, lighter furniture inside.

Deck equipment is also upgarded with bigger winches and more refined line handling. The 9/10 fractional rig is taller and equipped with two sets of spreaders and a top spinnaker halyard. We use more weight in the keel (maximum 1200kg allowed by class regulations), 5,5 square meters more sail area, and race cut sails from high tech materials. Tha boat has a racing eletronics package too.

I know the Dolphin 28 well so its not the usual article about a boat that we tried only for a few hours.

I have already spent a week on the boat. It was my boat for the nationals once, and once for a local regatta in Kenese before this occasion. I sailed only with the shorter rigged boat before. In 2003 the boat I sailed in the nationals originated from the tool for the mold and therefore it was heavier than normal. I am convinced that this is a great boat. Let’s look at what has not been changed since I wrote it in an article in 2002 about the boat: „Standing headroom is more than 190cm in the salon, 180cm in the aft cabin and in the toilet. You have 170cm headroom in the fore cabin where you step in. It isn’t that bad, is it? The lenght of the triangular bunk in the focsle is 210cm that yields confortable sleeping. The assimmetrical seats in the salon can be converted into a 195cm long berth for two by lowering the salon table on the right side. There is a 160cm sofa in the opposite side. Besides is a galey with a two burner stove combined with a sink with pressurized water. On the left side of the salon behind the galey is a door for the after cabin. Space in the after cabin is also above average with a 220cm long berth.

The interior follows traditional boatbuilder values. I feel a bit of disharmony with the exterior and the cockpit. Good quality white upholstery makes it less pronounced, but a lighter than mahogany wood finish would be desired.”

It seems that our tests are followed because this actual boat has light cherry wood interior. It has been well received.

We arrived 15 minutes earlier to the boat so we spent some time in the cockpit. This is a nice boat – we agreed. Forms are in harmony, pristine clean execution, fresh, modern, functional design. The 12,5 m mast fits well to the boat. Mainsail and genoa are both six and a half square meters bigger in area than the previous models. The spinnaker area has been doubled. This is a true lake rig – as it later shows.

We leave the harbour in a force 2 but freshening west wind. We are passing the breakwater on and off to get into position for the photos. We maneouvre a lot. The boat is easy on the helm, turns effortlessly, tacks with minimal leeway. We are maneouvreing close to the shore. We sailed to the outer jetty under engine first and then under sail. All without any fuss.

With this taler rig the boat became a real sports cruiser. You can sail with minimal twist in the sails in up to 2-3 beaufort, over it you have to open the top of the sails. The boat can be controlled by adjusting the traveller and genoa car up to force 4. If wind speed exceeds this you are forced to reef. Better to have a double grooved genoa foil and change genoa to a fock than reefing the main. I am aware that this will incerase speed but decrease comfort levels. This can be a hard decision. A sports cruiser can be outfitted with all the equipment you can find on race boats. You can have a lighter rig, and runners can be used, etc. In racing mode a six man crew is optimal, there is enough work for them. The test boat is equipped with a genakker wich is a good and confortable solution. As there is no bowsprit the sail will be too close to the mainsail and the boat can not go deep enough. For this boat a spinnaker could be better solution. The spinnaker is close to hundred square meters which is a nice job to manage.

The Dolphin 28 SC is a sports boat with all the advantages of a cruiser. It has comfortable accomodation and good sail performance. Compromise? Of course, but from the opposite point of view it is a cruiser where even a like-minded hardcore racer feels comfortable.
Farkas Litkey

Technical Data
Full length: 8,75 m
Waterline length: 7,75 m
Beam: 2,95 m
Dive: 1,25 m / 1,50 m
Net weight: 3,03 t
Ballast: 1,18 t
Mast: Kétszálingos árboc, + 80 cm,
9/10-es Forstag bekötés
Mainsail: 22,50 m2
Foresail: 14,00 m2
Genoa: 20,50 m2
Spinnaker: 58,00 m2
Saloon height: 1,90 m
Front cabin height: 1,75 m
Achter cabin height: 1,83 m

--------------- D38
Elegant lines, dinamism and a bit of luxury – this is the new D38. Again teamed up with boat designer Győző Simongáti who proved his proficiency with many designs notably with our successful D28. The boat is a big step forward in the history of the company, we want to take up new a challenge. The development process getting more and more interesting for us as we progress.

Szakítva a hagyományos formavilággal, a D38-as úttörő a saját méretkategóriájában. A héjat szendvicsszerkezettel készítjük, prémium anyagok felhasználásával, a jó menettulajdonságok érdekében. Ugyanakkor a hajó a „B” tervezési kategóriának megfelelő szilárdsággal rendelkezik, így kiválóan alkalmas hosszabb tengeri vitorlázásra is. A tavi változatnak egy kisebb, a tengerinek egy nagyobb merülésű tőkesúly ad elegendő stabilitást. Az árboc oldalmerevítői a hajótest szélére futnak, ez a kialakítás a teherelosztás szempontjából sokkal praktikusabb. A hajót az egyszerű kezelhetőség érdekében egy kisebb, de nagyon könnyen kezelhető orrvitorlával, (ami opcionálisan lehet önváltó is), és egy, a szokásosnál nagyobb nagyvászonnal szereljük. A rigg alaphelyzetben két szálingos alumínium árboccal készül, de tervezzük a komolyan versenyzők számára karbon rudazat alkalmazását. A fedélzet ennek megfelelően többféle variációban lesz szerelvényezve.

Míg a fedélzeten elsősorban a versenyzés van előtérben, addig a fedélzet alatt a kényelemé és a luxusé a főszerep. Ezt szolgálják a korábbi típusainkban kifejlesztett kényelmi berendezések széleskörű alkalmazása, persze minden a megfelelő méretre növelve. A belső elrendezés alapvetően a tengeri, vagy balatoni használatnak megfelelően alakítható. Utóbbiban pl. nem tervezünk külön térkép asztalt, szerényebb a konyha és hűtő kapacitás.
Technical Data
LOA (m): 11,50
Beam (m): 3,50
Air draft (m): 17,46
Draught (m): 1,75
Main (sg m): 50
Genoa (sq m): 32
Genaker (sq m): 140
Displacement (kg): 6200
Ballast (kg): 2700
Water (l): 100-350
Fuel (l): 55-150
Engine: Yanmar 32/40HP
Design category: A

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