Van de Stadt 37 Forna

In the future our production focuse will be turned towards more customized boat building. In close cooperation with our clients, design concepts and building methods tailored to their needs will result in highly customized boats with unique features. This is the best way to provide our customers what they really want. The following project is a good example that our company played an important role in the building process.

The future owner wanted a family boat for offshore cruising. Plans were choosen accordingly from the stock plans of the well known dutch design firm Van de Stadt. The designers are a representative of the dutch metal boat building industry.

The most important design expectations were reliability and safety. In spite of the robust structure inherited from the metal construction the boat has sweeping lines and is relatively lightweight. The interior is spacious enough for 6 person and the equipment for a longer offshore trip.

The boat is suited for long ocean crossings and is ready with all the necessary comfort and navigational equipment.

The hull, deck and structural parts are all manufactured from saltwater resistant aluminium material providing reliability and the boat keeps its original market value well.

Interior layout is result of long time seafaring experience. The interior furniture can freely be tailored to indvidual needs as not being part of the boat’s structure.

The design features have been clearly proven by practical experience on the high seas. Equipment is adapted to the way of use and the specific sea area where the boat is used. Practical needs dictated the instalation of a new autopilot, solar panels, wind generator and sail wardrobe for light breese. This list will be further enlarged with radar and AIS transponder for the next sailing season.

Cruising sailboat requirements are well served by the aluminium construction method. Higher initial building costs compensated by long term reliability high resale value.